Why do I feel all crampy and how do I make it go away?

You’re feeling crampy because your uterus is contracting to help you shed the lining of the uterus. And while cramps aren’t fun, it’s pretty common for most girls and women.

Here are some ways to say bye-bye to your cramps:

  • Eat healthy foods and avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages
  • Try doing some light exercise – it can help create endorphins that fight pain naturally
  • Gently massage your stomach area to relax your muscles
  • Put a hot water bottle or a heating pad on your stomach or take a hot bath
  • Try switching to a pad instead of a tampon if you are feeling vaginal pain with the cramps
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen tablets, according to the package directions or under doctor consultation

Remember, not all girls and women get cramps at this time of the month. But if you do get them, you can take comfort in knowing that this may become milder over the course of your reproductive years.

If your cramps are really bad, get more info below under “When Things Don’t Feel Quite Right”.