What is a “period” and why do we get it?

Your period or menstrual cycle is the way your body readies itself for the possibility of pregnancy. Each month you ovulate, which means an egg is released from your ovary. If sperm doesn’t fertilize your egg then it is shed from your body, and you’ll get your period.

Both of your ovaries contain all of the eggs you will produce in a lifetime. Your “cycle” is the length of time it takes for your body to go through the process of ovulation, which is when one egg matures and takes a little trip out of the ovary, through the fallopian tube and to the uterus. Your "flow" (blood and tissue) then goes from the uterus through the opening of the cervix and is released through your vagina and voila, out of your body! Your hormonal system controls the whole “flow show”, which is why you may find a stray zit (or three), and you might feel crampy and emotionally irritable. But hey, it’s all totally normal.