What do I do if I get my first period at school?

The trick is to be prepared, since you don’t know exactly when aunt flow’s going to arrive. First, get to know the products that’ll protect you, just in case it does happen at school. Then make yourself a portable “time-of-the-month kit” with a fun pair of underwear, a re-sealable plastic bag and 1 or 2 pantiliners and pads, each. You may want to add a travel-size stain-remover stick and vial of ibuprofen, too, just in case. And don’t forget the chocolate…  ;)

If it does happen at school for the first time, don’t sweat it. Seriously. Just push on through! Wrap a jacket or a sweater around your waist, grab your kit and head straight to the bathroom to “deal”. Change your underwear, remove the lining paper and apply the liner or pad to your new underwear. Use the stain remover stick on your old underwear and clothes, let it sit and then rinse and dry as best you can. Put your clothes back on and put your old underwear in the re-sealable bag for laundering when you get back home. The good news is that your flow is pretty light on day 1.

If you don’t have a kit prepared, no worries, you can always use the ‘ol toilet paper trick until you can find some proper protection. Just use a bit of soap and water to clean up any stains and dry it out as best you can. Then ask a friend or a teacher if they have a pad on hand. Schools tend to stock up on feminine care products for this very situation, so don’t worry, someone’s gonna have your back on this.