How often does it happen and how long do periods last?

The important thing to know is that it usually takes 1 to 6 years after your very first period to settle into a regular cycle. A cycle typically lasts around 28 days, but we’re all unique snowflakes, right? This means that each of us has our own cycle, which, depending on the rhythm of our bodies can range from every 21 to 36 days. And most periods last 3 to 8 days, but the average duration is 6 days.

So to track your cycle, start with the first day of bleeding – that’s day 1 of your cycle. Count from that day onward, all the way to the day before the first day of bleeding in the next month and you’ll get the number of days of your cycle. So, let’s say your period begins on the 6th day of March, you have 6 days of bleeding, and then you don’t have another period until the 3rd day of April. That means you have a 28-day cycle. Plot it out on a calendar, count up the days and see for yourself.