How to Use a Tampon

Relax. It's much easier to insert a tampon when you're relaxed. It usually takes a few tries before being able to comfortably insert a tampon, so don't worry. Refer to the instructions and diagrams so you know what to do.

A tampon is actually made up of 2 parts - the tampon itself that you insert into your body, and the plastic applicator you use to insert it. All Playtex® applicators have a smooth, contoured tip barrel that contains the tampon within it, attached is a smaller tube below called a plunger. Below is a picture of the parts of a tampon with applicator:
How to Use and Insert a Tampon With Applicator diagram

Instructions for How to Insert a Tampon

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and then unwrap the tampon. The applicator tip should be rounded and the strings should hang out the bottom of the Applicator. If you notice any flaws, do not use.
  • Gently pull on strings to make sure they are firmly attached.
  • Get comfortable. Try sitting on the toilet with knees apart or standing with one foot on the toilet seat.
  • Gently insert the tampon applicator into your vagina:
    1. Hold the finger grips of the applicator using your thumb and middle finger.step-1
    2. Place the applicator tip into your vagina at a 45˚ angle. Now, gently slide the smooth, rounded applicator all the way into your vagina until your fingers touch your body.step-2
    3. Push the plunger all the way into the barrel with your pointer finger. This will release the tampon into your body. The plunger should now be inside the barrel. step-3
    4. Still holding the finger grips, gently pull out the applicator. The tampon should now be inserted comfortably inside you in its precise place with the strings outside your body. step-4

      After you have inserted the tampon, place the used applicator back into the discreet wrapper and throw away. DO NOT FLUSH THE PLASTIC APPLICATOR.

Any discomfort or leaks? The tampon may not be far enough inside. If this happens, just remove the tampon and try again with a new one. You won't feel anything when the tampon is correctly in place.

Correct Placement of Tampon


Incorrect Placement of Tampon

  • Tampon Removal: Relax your muscles. Try getting into the position you used during insertion. Gently pull down on the strings. The tampon should slide out easily. Do not flush the used tampon in the toilet. Wrap the tampon in toilet paper and place it in an appropriate waste container.
  • Wash Hands: Remember to always wash your hands after removing or inserting tampons.
  • Track Your Cycle: Start tracking your cycle using the Playtex® Period Tracker. Planning ahead can help eliminate surprises and keep you protected when you need it.



  • Do not use tampons between periods or for non-menstrual discharge.
  • Change your tampons every 4 to 8 hours.
  • Tampons can be worn overnight for up to 8 hours.
  • Always remove the last tampon at the end of your period.Do not flush the used tampon in the toilet.


Be sure to read important information about Toxic Shock Syndrome

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