Playtex Clean Comfort Tampons FAQ’s

Q:   How do I dispose of my tampon correctly?
A:   After use, dispose of both the applicator and the tampon in the wastebasket. Please do not flush

Q:   How do I dispose of the outer box packaging correctly?
A:   The outer box packaging is recyclable. Please refer to the How2Recycle symbols on the bottom of your Playtex® box.
Q:   What is a Playtex Clean Comfort tampon made of?
  • The full list of ingredients are listed on the side panel of the box and on our website:
  • Tampon core and string contains 100% organic cotton
  • Applicator is made from BPA-free plastic and eco-friendly cardboard
Q:   Why didn’t you eliminate plastic entirely?
A:   We know that comfort is essential for tampons. We wanted to create a tampon where you don’t have to choose between a comfortable insertion and reducing your plastic usage. We are taking this first step to reimagine our use of plastic and find creative solutions to reduce what we use.
Q:   Why didn’t you use recycled plastic?
A:   Because tampons are medical devices there is a certain quality of material that is required. It’s challenging to ensure recycled plastic meets our quality standards. We’re always working on improving and open to suggestions.
Q:   What do you mean by cotton core?
A:   The absorbent part of the tampon that goes inside your body (NOT THE APPLICATOR THAT IS DISCARDED BEFORE USE!)
Q:   How is this making a positive impact on the environment? It’s still partly plastic.
A:   Playtex Clean Comfort is made with 40% less plastic (than Playtex Sport Regular absorbency). This means that there is less virgin plastic entering our environment.
Q:   What is Women’s Earth Alliance? Why are you working with them?
  • WEA is a nonprofit organization that provides leadership, strategy, and technical training for women leaders to scale their climate and environmental initiatives while connecting them to a global alliance of peers, mentors, and funders.
  • WEA's Mission is a perfect fit for New Playtex Clean Comfort showing how empowering women can have a positive impact on the world we live in
  • Visit their website here:
Q:   Is this product recyclable?
  • The outer box packaging is recyclable. The tampon and wrapper should be disposed of in the trash.
  • Please refer to the How2Recycle symbols on the bottom of your Playtex Clean Comfort box to see how to properly recycle and dispose of the product.

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